More About Me

My name is my brand and my reputation is my most prized possession.

Hi, my name is Suzanne. I stumbled into real estate in 2001 purely by accident when I was looking for a career that I (thought) I could do part-time so that I could be there for our kiddos when they were little.  Before realizing my success in real estate, I worked in a variety of fields such as sales/marketing, finance/accounting, negotiation/contract law, human resources, customer service, communication, and management.  When I became a Realtor, I realized all of my prior experience was practice for what a good Realtor needs to be. I was, as they say, a natural.

I became licensed in Florida in 2017 when a great career opportunity came up for my husband in SWFL.  We decided, like many of you, that we didn't like shoveling snow anymore.  I am a born and raised Chicagoan, Go Cubbies! Da Bears! I'm also a Loyola University alumna. Go Ramblers! Although I lived in Colorado for more than 15 years before moving to Punta Gorda, I will never lose my mid-western values of honesty, integrity, hard work, and a need to serve others.  You can take a girl out of Chicago... As a result, my name is my brand and my reputation is my most prized possession.  I'm detail-oriented to a fault. I'm easy to work with because I am customer-focused, a realist and I'm friendly. I'm an energy giver but, I tell it like it is, and I don't sugarcoat reality. I work hard for all of my customers and realize everyone's needs are unique.

Outside of real estate, my husband and I are big-time foodies. We like dining out and cooking in and we know a thing or two about wine.  We love to fish, boat and enjoy being with family and friends in Punta Gorda. We feel blessed to be "back on the water".  We recently added another four-legged daughter to our family-a Weimaraner we named Valley.  Well, we didn't really name her Valley, but that is the nickname that stuck! She's like a Valley girl-fur sure! Many of you have probably seen or met me walking/running with her around our community.  Or, maybe we've met somewhere else... I proudly and honorably serve as a board member for the Punta Gorda Historic Mural Society.  I believe in giving back to my community so I'm also a Vincentian and humbly serve in the Punta Gorda St Vincent DePaul Society food pantry. If you see me, please say hi. I would love to meet you or catch up on the latest in Real Estate.